Getting legal representatives and law office do things differently is not an easy task and instilling a marketing frame of mind among legal representatives is a major effort for many companies, resembling the proverbial challenge of rounding up cats.A nationwide consulting firm just recently examined characters of lawyers from around the nation utilizing the Caliper personality index and was able to quality what a number of us have understood for many years. Compared with the rest of us, lawyers.

Hate change, appreciating precedent because it was drilled into them at law school.

Are extremely hesitant of new ideas and principles, demanding proof that change will work.

Love autonomy, choosing their own judgment over that of any hierarchy or policy; and.

Have a high sense of urgency, anticipating immediate results on even complicated efforts.

It’s not unexpected, then, that most law firms (particularly smaller and mid-size companies) operate much like fraternities. Governance and decision-making are often difficult and lengthy, because everyone wants a voice while doing so. The most profitable companies are moving closer to a business model of governance, with institutional objectives, strong leadership and structured governance. They are likewise starting to welcome marketing, recognizing the need to get closer to existing customers and invest time and resources on focused, proactive strategies to pursue brand-new ones. lpm-main-image Why try to roll the marketing boulder uphill? Simply because any firm that wishes to endure in today’s increasingly competitive market must support a marketing and sales culture. Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, increasing associate salaries and running expenses, and client cost-cutting are making legal representatives run their companies more like a business, and less like a profession. Failure to market brings red ink, irrelevance and an out of business sign on your door. Marketing is what makes it possible for a firm to bring in and retain desirable customers, and it puts the firm in a position to fire the ones it not desires.

That stated, a marketing culture can’t be implemented over night it should be slowly, progressively fostered through fundamental, focused, step-by-step efforts. Eliminate normal legal representative rashness and resistance by showcasing successful pilot programs. A communications effort that presents the evidence, demonstrates an effective outcome and validates the judgment of the participants, will appeal to lawyers lemming instinct: If Jim can do it, so the hell can I!

The key, then, is to create the preliminary success that will make everyone in the firm believe marketing matters. As marketing consultant to thousands of attorneys at hundreds of firms, I’ve seen that ten crucial components are absolutely essential to create marketing momentum.

1. Discover a Passionate Leader. If a firm’s leaders those legal representatives who have one of the most influence and the greatest regard aren’t committed to marketing, no one will be. Persuade them that marketing is an investment in tomorrow, not just an expenditure for today. Cultivate a senior level marketing czar who is enthusiastic about marketing and motivates others. Don t waste your time on naysayers or junior partners. Convince an alpha male, and the herd will follow. Find more about this topic at how to market legal services.

Vague generalizations about how marketing works won’t encourage them. Your marketing effort has to include concrete, concrete benchmarks and requirements that show the firm is severe.

Set clear expectations for non-billable time dedicated to marketing. Set a target of 200 hours a year for partners and 100 hours per year for associates. Overcoming the billable hour fixation is vital for marketing efforts, which often take years to create results.

Include marketing into partnership requirements. Derail the partnership track of grinders who sit at their computers throughout the day and weren’t have a book of business.

Create marketing strategies at every level lawyer, industry or practice group, the entire firm. The marketing strategies ought to be composed, easy and focused, and should set short-term goals (have lunch with 2 media market prospects monthly) in the pursuit of long-term goals (double billings with media clients).

Interact marketing successes by every tool at your command. Conferences, emails, newsletters, bulletin boards in the lounge, Intranet postings, month-to-month status reports, and more.